Fuel Polishing

Lubricore offers fully Mobile Diesel Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning for your Diesel Bulk Tanks, Oilfield Equipment, Heavy Equipment, and Trucks. Our Process removes 99.9% of the water (Free & Emulsified), particulates down to 3 Micron, and Sludge/Rust/Algae growth. We have designed a complete fuel polishing program to assess, filter, treat, and monitor your fuel tanks to ensure Dry Clean Diesel is always being used in your equipment. This preventive maintenance is key to saving thousands of dollars on frequent filter changes, blown injectors and replacing high pressure injection pumps.

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Lubricore offers the complete lines of Baldwin & Donaldson Filters. Whether you need Lube/Oil, Fuel, Fuel/Water Separators, Hydraulic, Coolant, Transmission, Air, or any specialty filters, we can get them for your equipment or trucks.

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Diesel Additives

Lubricore offers the complete line of 4+ Diesel Additives from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Their premium diesel additives will increase your fuel economy, power and decrease equipment downtime. Most of the diesel additives increase cetane by 6+ points, demulsify water (OEM Spec), increase lubricity, add anti-gel, and clean out your EGR & DPF systems. They are Tier 4 Engine ready and come with a full written warranty.

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Tired of replacing Hydraulic Fluid or having equipment problems from contaminated (Water & Particulates) hydraulic oil? We have a fully mobile solution to filter out all the water and contaminates down to 5 micron. Extend your hydraulic oil life, increase equipment efficiency, and reduce breakdown.
Need bulk diesel fuel? or cardlock access in remote locations? We have partnered with a large fuel distributor that can provide you with huge potential fuel savings…
Have a CAT, Cummins, and/or Detroit Diesel Engine in your heavy trucks or equipment? We have the equipment to pull your engine trouble codes and provide you various reports on engine health and operating efficiency. We can also download trip reports and calculate your fuel economy and consumption rates during various activities.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer fully mobile Industrial Filtration services
  • We offer Premium products (Compare the specs and see for yourself)
  • Competitive Pricing & Value Added Service
  • Substantial Inventory Availability (Huge cross reference availability of two major filter brands)
  • One Stop Shop for your all your Lubricants and Filtration products
  • Open 7 days a week (Saturday & Sunday mornings for your convenience)

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